Schouten contributes to agricultural enterprise by providing technological and product-friendly solutions for grading and processing.

Create your own installation
We will be happy to assist you while you are exploring the purchase of a new processing line.

Obviously, it depends on a number of choices, tailored to your own business management processes. Below you can make a number of choices.

Jump or shake grading?

You use a shake grading machine if you are willing and able to grade sizes with a constantly high output. Your choice then would be: grading first, followed by inspecting.
A jump grading installation makes you more flexible and you may want to opt for pre-grading, followed by the quality control process. The upward jump movement ensures highly accurate size grading.

Grading first, or inspecting first? (size grading)

You may opt for an initial inspection before main grading takes place; this provides the benefit that poor quality produce is removed from the process at an early stage.
If you grade the entire batch first, the speed of inspection is no impediment to the grading process. So, you build up a stock in boxes or hoppers.

Single or double pre-grading?

A grading installation incorporating a single or double pre-grading machine that separates the undersized and/or oversized elements from the main product leaves you free to concentrate on a thorough inspection of the prime grades. The greatest advantage provided by a single pre-grading machine is that you will not have to attend to the smallest product components during inspection, making the job easier on the eyes. In addition, an even larger output can be achieved with a double pre-grading machine.

Box or hopper sorting?

Using a hopper sorting machine, you can operate flexibly and work on your own. Moreover, the potatoes graze one another in the hopper so that attached soil is removed.
Using a box sorting machine, you can apply a short routing for your potatoes and you have the facility to get the size proportions within your batch clear at an early stage.

Bypass or separated grading and inspecting?

Using a bypass conveyor, you can make the choice to check the (main) size for quality in the inspection room during the grading process. If, during a certain period, you grade all products and, if applicable, store them, you can ensure thorough professional inspection at a later time.

Box change hoppers or storage hoppers?

Using box change hoppers, you can operate with flexibility and you can manage a substantial grading capacity with minimal staffing (or just 1 person, aside from inspection). Using storage hoppers, you have a large stock, while you are sure of a permanent supply to the inspection room, box or big bag filler.

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