Schouten contributes to agricultural enterprise by providing technological and product-friendly solutions for grading and processing.

4S for Farmers

4S for Farmers


Founded in 1937 and established in Kampen, Schouten is a family-owned business, now run by the third generation. The characteristics of a family-owned business have been retained, namely: short lines of communication and a simple organisational structure. Consequently, Schouten operates effectively and flexibly to meet the requirements of agricultural businesses.


The origins of the Schouten business lie in the sorting of agricultural products The main requirement of our customers is that grading is done in a very product-friendly manner with the greatest possible care for the product. On that basis, we have extended our range over the past few years with applications for barn storage, treatment and processing.


Solutions are not just about producing machines; they also imply the provision of initial advice as well as an after-sales service. Projects are developed and realised in a joint effort involving the customer, competent local experts and our technical engineers. Once we have taken stock of your wishes, we will offer you a concept in which product-friendliness, efficient product routing and required capacity are combined. Our approach is project-based and you can always rely on one of our knowledgeable sales representatives to provide technical support and coordinate aspects such as available space, a realistic investment plan and required time of delivery.

We will be there to help in the long run too: Schouten employs several qualified service engineers who take care of our servicing and maintenance operations.

For every Size

Schouten can offer a solution for agricultural entrepreneurs in every situation. Whatever the circumstances, we will seek the optimal solution for any size of business and for all grading and processing applications, whether you need to process 3 tons or 30 tons per hour.